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pookie Apr 17th, 2009 23:50

Another good job by Simon. I got parts catalogue pictures this time! and of course the correct parts at a very reasonable price.

Rufe Rocks !!!!


alexx Apr 19th, 2009 00:58

Simon is great, really fast, knows his stuff and prices to match the perfect service!
I will be using again and again, infact for the life of my volvo :)


biffjrg Apr 22nd, 2009 22:27

All the parts I ordered were waiting for me the day after for pick up from Swansea.

Also good to see the face behind the name.


James Griffiths

BigT Apr 29th, 2009 16:52

Simon was fantastic and has been very patient with multiple quotes I wanted regarding parts. I have just completed my order over the phone with him; absolutely effortless and a real surprise to see a dealer be in such touch with the market - obviously Simon's bosses were very receptive to his idea. Just goes to show that all dealerships obviously aren't equal.

There were a range of delivery options to suit my needs - Royal Mail Standard Parcels, DHL 24 & 48 (not all options may be available obviously due to size and weight).

Again, fantastic service and congratulations/thanks to Simon and the management of FRF Motors.


Nightmare1971 Apr 29th, 2009 19:35

Ello, I asked Simon for a quote for a front strut brace and dizzy cap for my T5V70 by email, I was surprised to get a reply within 30 mins of asking, so a few days later I asked the wife to order the parts for me as I was at work, and received the parts all in good order.

I’m still waiting to fit the strut brace as having 2 children under the age of four can keep you away from your toy.

Thanks Simon….

All the best


Hifive May 5th, 2009 15:54

Hi, I just got Simon to ship a rear Nivomat shock to Ireland for my XC90.
Great guy to deal with. Part arrived on time, but oh what a price saving.
The local main dealer wanted €580.00 (euro) for the part + €129.00 for fitting, the same part including overseas delivery from Simon for €366.00! and I'll fit it myself.
Highly recommended.

Dazza May 23rd, 2009 07:29

Genuine parts at a price that didnt give me a hot sweat
Thankyou to Simon at FRF for the brakes I have just fitted.

They were the same if not slightly cheaper than OEM from local yet completely genuine.

Exemplary customer service too

I would like to continue to use this service for as long as I am welcome and I have a Volvo as I cannot see any way you could get a get a better service

Thankyou again

Rufe May 27th, 2009 13:27

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback it is allways appreciated, and allways nice to see when people have taken the time to post up feedback.

On to the excuses part then... I don't know where else to post this but currently I am working as hard as I can to reply to everyone who has sent me enquiries, but it is proving extremely difficult.

I assure you all I will reply as soon as I can but as there is no auto 'out of office' reply feature for my PM's here I realise people may think I am ignoring them as i have not replied yet. I was off last thursday, friday, sunday and monday, and all this time there were messages coming to me, so I am catching up on a extremely high number of messages from people on all the sites I use.

I am very sorry for any delay in my replies, but I am doing my best to reply to everyone as quick as I can! I am getting there, but slower than I would like.

Many thanks though, every enquiry is very much appreciated!

Simon :)

dazzie T5 May 27th, 2009 21:15

another happy customer!!
just a quick thanks to rufe and those at frf. i emailed rufe and his band of merry men at frf motors friday. unfortunatly rufe was slacking that bank holiday w.end and was to go away for a long holiday w/end :airplane: tuesday i promptly got email back with my quote from rufe. contacted rufe at frf via phone, alas caught rufe on his :coffee: brake. dealt with his colleuge who was very helpful in dealing with my enquiry in rufe's abscence,confirmed my order over the phone, which is know in post and on its way.

conclusion : very helpful peeps at frf :a1:
: very good prices :thumbs_up:
: would be happy to hand over my hard earned queens heads
again to them in feature
: rufe's a slacker and likes his hols and teabrakes.

many thanks
dazzie T5

Rufe May 28th, 2009 14:39

lol! after taking 1 day off i am now officially too scared to take another day off ever again. dazzie i was probably not really at a break when you called but pulling my hair out somewhere or maybe banging my head against a wall... saying that i do get a total 10 to 15 minutes break (including lunch) per day in total, so i suppose i could be classed as a slacker in some circles! :P

Anyway I am finally down to just 12 outstanding price enquiries, so if i haven't yet got back to you I should do by the end of the day today I hope.

Many thanks everyone for your understanding!


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