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Originally Posted by 940_Turbo View Post

However, unbelievably, he left the cam cover bolts which now also hold the injector brackets loose; all three of them....
What can I say. Rick was due at 6PM and arived at around 1PM while I was at the dentist.

Things were a little tense between us with all that had gone on. We went for a drive and Rick was happy that the car was running correctly on both fuels.

Rick had a look over the changes made to the injector brackets and I noticed his top engine mount had started to split as they do. I gave Rick a new ploy mount to fit.

I knew I had not done the bolts up but the thought had gone from my mind while at the dentist. The hose clips were all tight. You need to take care not to swing on them or you will end up cutting through the rubber hose.
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