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Originally Posted by Othen View Post
This would seem to be just the ticket for 6.99:

... apart from a little bit of wire and some crimped on connectors that I'll have anyway 7 should be it.

I got bored waiting for the Royal Mail to deliver some 10mm female spade connectors that I'd ordered more than a fortnight ago and so bought them from Amazon - and of course they came the next day. The only downside way I had to buy a pack of 100 - so I have 98 spare 10mm female spade connectors if anyone needs some :-).

Anyway, I got on with fitting the little starter relay today:

I found a redundant screw on the nearside wing (I suspect to secure brake pipes on LHD motor cars) and used that to fix the relay, then ran some 4mm^2 single core to the battery post on the starter, the exciter terminal and earth, then hooked up the original switch wire. The wiring is trivial:

So now I have a solenoid operating a solenoid operating the starter. The impedance across pins 85/86 was about 80Ω, so the switch in the cabin should only be passing about 0.2A now, instead of maybe 40A instantaneously and perhaps 10A continuous current whilst the starter span with the original design.

It all seems to work fine, GAM started up normally half a dozen times, so I hope the intermittent starter switching problem is solved.

These simple fixes are so satisfying on older motor cars.

... another lovely day in paradise.

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