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*** Change of Procedure for Mail Order Enquiries ***

Due to a combination of ongoing technical problems and a very large increase in the volume of enquiries we receive on a daily basis our email/webform is now being removed.

While proving very successful it is regrettable that it simply can not continue as it is, as many messages lately are not being replied for many days, some not at all.

This drop in our standards is simply not acceptable in my opinion, so we have decided to make a major change as to how we operate. We have now installed a second direct telephone in our department meaning we can now handle a larger volume of calls. This means if any one requires a quote from us we are now able to do it immediately over the phone, rather than everyone having to wait for a reply. I really do understand that many people liked our service and found it quite unique in the Volvo owners world, and it really is not my first choice to do this, but due to the above mentioned factors this is the only step I can currently take to improve our service.

We will still offer the best discounted prices we possibly can, I have set up our discount structure for online users some time ago and this will continue.

To ensure you get the best possible prices please quote discount code C3 when calling us. This is not a gimmick, this really does alter the prices by a large amount. If you call us and do not state this code we may not realise you are an online customer, so please mention this code when calling.

You really are not under any obligation to place any order when calling, we will offer you an order reference number to use in the future if you wish to simply think about the prices, and may be call us back at a later date if you so choose. If you have used us in the past please also mention this as we may be able to retrieve your details to save a little time.

So, please call us on either of our parts direct telephone numbers:

01792 790066
or 01792 784272 - Quoting discount code: C3

Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am until 17:00pm (excluding bank holidays).

I hope you will all still continue to use our mail order service for all of your genuine Volvo parts and accessory requirements. Please keep in mind that we are doing this to try to improve our standards even further as we have grown too busy for what one person can manage. Now by opening up the phones for all online customer enquiries our whole parts team will be on hand to help, not just myself!

Simon - FRF Volvo Parts Department.

PS: The last few posts in this thread highlights the issue as I was off for roughly 1 week (3 days holiday, 9 days off) and my inbox here has completely filled in that time, I haven't even cleared my emails yet, let alone had chance to make space in my inbox here. I really am very sorry to everyone who I have not been able to reply to but I can only suggest calling us on the numbers above where we will help you out as best as we can! This is something that I have no other option to do, each message takes time to reply to and there are now hundreds outstanding, with no chance for me to work through them.
Please Click HERE to read our Feedback... // OR, Click HERE to read our FAQ's...

<<< FOR ALL ENQUIRIES PHONE: 01792 790066 / 01792 784272 >>>
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