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Originally Posted by molsal View Post
Hello, just picked up our new XC60 inscription this morning, this was ordered on May bank holiday and turned up one week later than first estimate.
I was in something of a hurry due to work commitments, so couldn't manage the full (3+ hours) handover which my dealer seemed keen to provide.
I imagine they wanted to demonstrate every feature and set up VOC for us etc.
Having come from a 2016 XC60 lux nav , I was impressed on the 40 mile return trip, much improved ride and refinement, I think the seats will take a couple of days to get used to, they are not uncomfortable,just different.
Due to not having the full dealer intro,I may well be asking for a little help if thats ok.
I have set up VOC , and find the sat nav easy enough, should I purchase a data card for the best experience? thanks.
Congrats, I got exactly the same model over a week ago and have been spending quite sometime learning the ropes. Willing to try and help if you have any questions.
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