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Nice idea but as everyone knows (don't they?) different days give different results so maybe we should have included the dates and venue when the times were done. Just a thought.

Volvo Quarter Mile Figures 2006
Stuart Williams 850R, SW Autos 13.0
Don Norchi S70 T5 Kalmar Union MTE 14.2
Smartbomb S40 T4 MTE 14.4
Matt/Bobcat 850R Rica 14.59
Safron C70 T5 MTE 14.79
Timway S40 T4 MTE 14.88
Engineer S70R auto. MTE 14.89

Previous Years Volvo Quarter Mile Figures
Spesh (Rica) 850 T5 13.5
Justin (Rica ECU) 855 T5 14.2
Pedro (MBC) 854 T-5 14.557
MissD (tune) 855 T-5R 15.5 (shameful )
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