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Originally Posted by natmargetts View Post
Thankfully I do have a couple of spare VDO units sat in the garage- I was just hoping to fix this one as being a young driver (20) insurance are anal about checking everything on the car so I don't want to have to wind an extra 140,000 miles onto the replacement - booooring!

Really appreciate your help though! Ill get it out again today and recheck the mechanism and make sure that the stepper motor works okay!

Still catching up as been thinking all day about the f'in power steering on my V70 .... let's not rush into these things!!

Good, you have more clusters that's what you may need!! I might have a few myself!! Clocking is soooo time consuming unless you release the drives.

Fortunately insurance for me is a delight!! As said above feel free to contact me with a PM.

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