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Originally Posted by woolfie1948 View Post
My first port of call for parts for the 164 would be the same as for other older Volvos, that is Simon at Brookhouse.
If you want to try an accuspark then speak to them, they were very helpful when I went there, though I have yet to try one. From memory I don't think they said it is essential to ditch the ballast resistor but it is recommended, however, when mine failed a number of contributors to this forum told me it wouuld be best to get rid of this item anyway rather than replace it, so I did.
It is of course essential to change your coil for a suitable one if you also do this whether or not you keep your points.
I bought my new coil from accuspark as I went to see them as they are close to where I live, they were very helpful and reasonable on price, otherwise I would have gone to Brookhouse as I do for most things Volvo I need.
Wolfe what car do you have then I'm local to accuspark too...
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