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Answer to Q2: Look at picture...the Manual Adjuster IS already in place** (it adjusts the Bottom minimum separation of shoes, and is supposed to be adjusted periodically to minimize Pedal travel. BTW, Adjusters are of alu and steel and thus very susceptible to galvanic corrosion! Lube with graphite grease!).

Automatic adjuster works on Top end of Shoes (as do hydraulic pistons) can simply remove the Auto-Adjuster arrangement (Actuating Lever and Shoe-Spacer Lever with Star threaded adjustment), and replace it with a fixed dimension SSL, and done!

Please elaborate on why you find the 'auto adjust' system "annoying"!

** Edit: I stand corrected...what looks like a manual adjuster in the picture is apparently only a similarly sized spacer...I expect it could therefore be replaced by the actual Adjuster when making the retro-conversion. See also next posting.

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