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Had the same problem on one side (and lost the pin). Shame on Volvo for a weak design.

What worked for me: I custom made a new pin, pressed/riveted it in place (like the original) and, in addition, brazed / hard soldered the join. For good measure I brazed / hard soldered the pin of the brake on the other side as well.

Otherwise, I’m happy with those automatic adjusters, considering all the problems (galvanic corrosion and so on) that people seem to have with the manual adjusters.

I’m not sure what you mean by “wear on the pin”. The joint between the pin and the lever should be solid (no relative movement). The free end of the pin is a loose fit in a hole in the brake shoe (and retained in place by means of a "horse-shoe" washer on the end of the pin). There is movement of the pin relative to the brake shoe only when you operate the handbrake, so there shouldn’t be any wear to speak of.
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