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Originally Posted by swil00 View Post
I've not been near a car dealership for a long time now.

Recently, I've been looking at a few 3 year old S90 and V90's, but nobody seems to be willing to move on price, main dealers and other used car places.

Has the art of haggling been killed off by the likes of carwow and other online companies ?

I'm aware that dealers are keen to sell finance, but one dealer told me the screen price is the best that can be done and the only movement would be with trade in.
Daughter did a deal with a suzuki dealer by telling him what she had seen the car for on car wow. His sticker price was 3k more. She drove off the forecourt with a pre registered car having saved 4k off the sticker price and a grand off the car wow price.

I saved a grand and a half by traveling to Newcastle on Tyne for my volvo, the car I wanted, at a price I deemed fair and cheaper than I could get localy.

Landrover I did not haggle over, it was a private sale and a very fair price so no point. I looked it over, test drove and paid.

Any deal is a good one if both parties are happy with it.
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