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Originally Posted by Welsh Jon View Post
I'll give you a buzz Monday then to order the right one. Knew someone on here would know what's what. Cheers for now.


I do not know if classicswede is selling two types of dashboard cowling, or two tpes of steering wheel, or two types of boss to suit the steering wheel you have bought.

I suspect your son might not want to change the dashboard cowling and I do not know if that would have consequences re column mounted switches for example. I think you are actually looking for the best boss for your son's car.

Overall it sounds to me that the seller(s) of bosses are offering two types.
They could be using the expressions 244 and 240 er, loosely. Have you asked them to be more specific and asked them about your son's year of car?

Sorry to say this but. Really. The advertisers seem to be pick and mixing their descriptions.


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