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Hi both,

Had a fiddle with the car today and got a few niggles crossed off.

CharlesStevenson - Bang on the money with the door lock, I pulled it up with some long nose pliers and its now working fully. A massive thank you for that as it saved me some time pulling the door card off to investigate!

I'll have a look at the sensor some time this week as I've got a few more jobs (mainly being a snapped front spring!) to tackle its not a major issue just bugs me having lights on the dash especially as it comes and goes at its own leisure...

I didn't think there would be but it was just wishful thinking but a new clutch isn't the end of the world... just something best avoided if poss.

I have to say, I've never owned a Volvo and nor did I plan on doing so and coming from a 19plate company car to this I'm amazed at how smooth it is (even with a snapped spring) the engine strong and the gearbox is really really smooth just the clutch needs a look at. the other thing that took me by surprise is the lack of rust anywhere on the car, only some surface rust behind the mudflap's and some in the boot area below the spare wheel... but the underside looks like its been re-sealed at sometime of its life as its solid as a rock.

I've noticed a oil leak on it but I think I've tracked it down to a split in a pipe so that'll get fixed followed up by a full service then onto getting her onto 200k miles!

Thank you both for your help, and I look forward to getting some more miles done in this old girl.

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