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Originally Posted by MtillingVolvo View Post
many thanks for all the replies... makes for an interesting read from my side of the fence!

All the best
Just stumbled on this thread while considering an XC40 after a 3 year hiatus from my previous XC60.

I remember my experience before car wow way back in 2009. I stumbled on this forum for the XC60 and after local dealers left me unimpressed I found a contact recommended here for some one in Reading (I live in East London). Everything negotiated via email, even my PX was done and guaranteed via emails.No problems whatsoever, and I didn't mind the drive across London and beyond to get to the dealer for pickup. The sales was up front, honest enough and negotiations were easy. Went to the dealer for the final order though as the missus wanted to meet face to face the person we were handing a good chunk of money to.

At the dealer offerer further discount for taking out finance so even better.

If a sales person I dealt with was honest and upfront, then unless a local dealer offered significant discount (say over 200+) then I rather pay that little extra.
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