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Originally Posted by aldred309uk View Post
A common oil leak on the 1.9d is at the top of the engine where the shut off valve, which looks like a throttle body, meets the inlet manifold. Theres a rubber o-ring which shrinks over time and you get some oil seeping out. Oil in the air into the engine is normal as it is put there by excess crankcase pressure from the PCV system.

I had a snapped spring on my V40d 2 years ago, I replaced my entire front struts with a set from a scrapped v40 for 70. To save yourself hassle and a headache, buy yourself some anti roll bar drop links for the front and tell yourself you will need to cut off the old ones with a grinder. I've done about 40k miles since I put the used struts on, smooth as butter still. 201k and counting for mine.

Reference the front brakes, if you think there's a sticking issue I would bet 99% you have a seized guide pin. You can get a drill bit the same size as the receiving part on the calliper carrier just for cleaning it out and give the pins a good clean too and check for excessive wear. Then use a good, suitable grease for the pins. I did this not long after buying my car on 124k and ever since, the front 4 pads are all identical thickness and the discs look amazing with a barely noticeable lip on then.
Thanks, I've got two days off, so my plan for today (monday) is to de-oil the engine bay and surrounding component's to help identify any/all leaks. my father in law suggested that it may of been coming from there so thanks for the info, what you've just said makes a fair bit of sense and matches up with what we were thinking so we'll source another o-ring for it!

The spring is all sorted now, it's got a new one on, I did order a drop link as in my previous experience they never come off, but this one came off as if it was fresh out of the factory so I returned the part and saved myself a few quid, I did order a new ball joint as mine wasn't in great condition, it did require a fair bit of heat to get it out.

I've done exactly that I've taken all of the guide pins out given them some brake grease and I've cleaned up the callipers as they were understandably rusty and they don't seem to be rubbing any more, all the pads/disks were in great condition so that was some good news.

Managed to sort a lot of jobs out on it as it was all the little frustrating things such as the interior lights not working/sub not doing anything/horn being hit or miss most of my issues were down to fuse related problems. the previous owner lost the locking wheel nut so all 4 have been hacked off and replaced with standard nuts... I'm certain no-one is stealing my wheels any time soon.

Deep clean time for the old girl I've pulled the interior out as something smells fishy! found a few old style 1 coins and 20ps so at this rate she'd pay for her service

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