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Hi all
I see I am not the only one to be unlucky with what is turning out to be a very costly experience owning a Volvo.

From what I have read Volvo use Landrover bearings in the rear diff.

I purchased this Volvo 2 years ago 2010 XC60 d5 full service history, the current milage 86,000.

In the garage at the moment for a gearbox bearing noise (gearbox rebuild) plus a list of other things which Volvo pointed out in their customer care video.
Volvo's estimate to carry out all the work below 8k

Here is the list of faults found:

Rear drop arm bushes both sides
Near side drive shaft (clonking on full lock)
Replacement gearbox (internal differential noise )
Plus the usual disc and pads and tyres nearing the limits

My local garage whilst checking the the drive train have said there is noise coming from rear diff as well as the gearbox ...F--k !!

I am thinking maybe I should sell it for scrap value ? or do I spend out best part of 5k to get this repaired in the hope that nothing else goes wrong for few years.

The irony is - this car I purchased to replace the Landrover Td4, because that spent more time in the garage in the last year than it did with us.
That had the rear diff changed and all the bearings right back to the box, never did cure the drive whine.

Any thoughts on the way forward with the Volvo .......... I suppose I could stick it my garage with the Freelander

Thanks for reading my post.
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