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Default How to fix idling problems, petrol engined S80

Hello everyone, how to fix a problem with the idling in a 2.4 SE auto (non turbo).

The problem was, every time the engine revs dropped, for instance when slowing down to make a turn, the revs would drop down to about 500 rpm or less, causing the car to judder and on occassion stall (not good in an auto!).
Here's is how I fixed it, it is dead easy:
  1. Pop the bonnet and locate the air filter, it is the big black plastic box at the front/ right of the engine. Coming from this is a black rubber concertina type hose about 4" in diameter, this leads down to the throttle box and is secured to the throttle box by a single large jubilee clip.
  2. Undo the jubilee clip with a screwdriver and disconnect the hose from the throttle box, you should now be able to see into the box. It is probably filthy inside, but inside you will see a flap which controls the amount of air the engine needs, you can move this freely, but first...
  3. Put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the dirt.
  4. Get a lint free cloth and simply and carefully clean out the interior of the box, move the flap and clean out both inside and outside the flap, paying particular attention to the hinge points and the faces of the box which seal against the flap.
  5. Re-assemble the hose and Bobs your uncle, your car will run much, much better.
    I have seen this tip many times on the forum, apology to anyone who has posted this repair before, but I feel that it needed a step by step explanation and, we should all share our experience to enjoy our Volvos. So come on, if you have any tips, please post them.

    PS If any one needs photos of this or any other repair I will be glad to post them here.
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