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Originally Posted by Thassos View Post
Not sure what volvo did with the D2, as you say performance can be a bit lacklustre, have driven a c30 d2 and that was not bad (although i had a new turbo at before 100k), also tried a V40 D2 and also not a great match, the psa diesel isnt bad tho in a lighter car like a peug 308 i wonder what the kerb weight of the volvo is ?, one thing they respond well to is maintenance like swapping air filter and oil even before due time, have you tried taking a look at the air filter, the turbo is teensy so maybe more affected by intake air restriction ? just a theory..
I'll have a look at the air filter. I just normally get it serviced and let them do all of that. Yeah I had a C30 before this and I liked it...quite unique looking car.
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