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Default Vibration through entire car when braking

Hi all
I have a problem with the brakes, or at least it is related to the brakes, which has so far baffled my local garage and the Volvo dealer. The car is a 1998 V70 T5.
When the brakes are applied when hot there is a high frequency vibration throughout the car. By that I mean that it can be felt through the door trims as much as the brake pedal or steering wheel. My local garage assured me that there was some run out in the front discs and replaced the discs and pads. 232 later and the problem persists. I disabled the ABS to rule that out as well. The Volvo dealer is going to have a look at it again but have never seen anything like it before. The rear discs and pads were replaced by a Volvo dealer with the previous owner at the last service.
I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what could be the cause of this.
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