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Originally Posted by bobdabuilda View Post
cheers, so you don't rate the ebay item number 190445390538? What is the number of the one you have shown there please?

Its not that I dont rate it, its just cash and I dont think its worth it as you can find similar for less cash.

I would either buy a "cheap" ebay set or pick up a set of loose monitors and mount them in standard OEM headrests.

I was not suggesting the headrests that I added the picture for - that was just to illustrate the wires leaving the poles - given the environment you have in the back of the car, the resolution etc is of little consequence - I would buy on price and function. Its surprising what you get for not a lot of cash - and most have many built in games... and will play other ROMs if you are into downloading stuff...

Buying the self contained monitors would be a very easy fit given its just switched power to them - and they have an FM transmitter in them (well, most do) or IR/RF for headphones.

I would add that rear tinted windows is a huge benefit as most lcd screens are not that bright - plus its an anti theft benefit too - like the zipper covers for the "ebay" screens.

Did not spot the camera - do you have a link for that? I have not seen any sensibly priced cameras for the XC90 other than for a MY2010 on.


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