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Classic P80 1999 BiFuel

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The cheapest ATF that is JWS 3309 compliant I can find is Mannol ATF JWS 3309. But thsi is dino grade. The cheapest ATF that is fully synth here in the UK is CARLUBE ATF-U


Granville ATF MV
Toyota JWS3309
Toyota T-IV

On the subject of which fluid to use revels imbecilic posts in the multitude on the subject. [Morons, all morons... ] This is a Toyota box so anyhting meeting Toyota JWS3309 or Toyota T-IV (both are the same thing) is what you want. Standard ATF is no good. I run CARLUBE ATF-U and previously had Granville ATF MV in there. Both fully syth. You do NOT need Volvo ATF. If you must go to a main-dealer for ATF, go to a Toyota one.

WARNING: Don't get too ham-fisted with the engine-coolant rad as you nail the trans cooler to it. Mine gave in with the stress. It is likely mine was on the way out anyway, but my tampering definitely set it on the way.
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