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Originally Posted by padge1952 View Post
I very recently had my annual MOT on my 2002 V40 T4 and the car was failed on and I quote:
"Macpherson strut pin or bush excessively worn both Nearside & Offside Front (top mount)."
The MOT garage has quoted 190 to replace both including labour and VAT but the maths don't seem to add up to me i.e. it seems very cheap. Volvo have quoted 67.50 + VAT for just one metal 'top mount' plate on its own let alone all the other parts (bearings, rubber sleeves, etc)? I don't know how they have come to this financial figure but it seems like guesswork to me and I am very cautious. I am getting a second opinion but has anyone any experience of this repair as I can only assume you don't really know what the 'excessive wear' is until you take it apart. Anyone have any thoughts?
Hello basically what they are telling you is that the rubber mount that sits between the coil spring cap and the strut turret of you car has worn which in turn is not holding the top of the shocker in place at all times

For instance when you go down a bumpy road or sometimes over manhole cover do you get a slight knocking noise from the front of the car ?

If the answer is yes replacing the top mounts should cure this problem

As far as the price goes I presume you are not using a Volvo garage

Which in turn generally means they will be using aftermarket parts but possibly Volvo parts at a heavily discounted price

There price will cover the cost of the parts plus about 2-3 hrs labour

Hope this helps

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