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Originally Posted by skippyfox View Post
Mission accomplished. managed to pop the grills out under drive motors and clear the gunge out of the rubber funnel. Then with a bit of fiddling about got a hose pipe with a bent piece of 15mm copper pipe into the drain pipe and let rip. The amount of sludge that appeared from under the wheel arch liner was unbelievable. regarding the grills at the rear of the hood well, I managed to get to the drain pipe by removing the side panels of the boot liner and give them a good flush through. Probably going to leave the grills off at the front for now and just keep an eye on things, now that I know of a potential problem.
Good that it is sorted

How did you 'pop' the grilles off? I cleared my pipes from underneath - being afraid to touch the grilles as I thought they probably held the rubber funnels in place and hence formed the seal.

The other place to look at is the front scuttle: the drain pipes get clogged very easily.
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