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Originally Posted by Tannaton View Post
You can use a car in km in the UK - every model I have seen has the alternative units also marked on the speedo.

The mileage is stored in the instrument cluster and it is possible to alter this, itís is also stored in the central electronic module (CEM) and I donít think itís is possible to change this in isolation?

FYI the CEM is configured at the factory for miles or km and the distance is also stored in the native unit, and service reminders, speed limiter etc is based in those units.

So as Clan said if you a really determined to do this then a full software reload of all relevant modules would be the only safe, predictable way. Whether Volvo has a documented process for that I donít know, if they donít then I suggest itís not an option.

A safer option might be to buy a second hand instrument cluster and swap all the guts of yours into it - if the speedo was on the same scale. Youíre odometer would still be in km but speed readout in mph. Iím sure there will probably be a downside to this but I canít think of one currently.
There Is only one software for the DIM needed , "English" application is probably the one if the car was configured for say France ...
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