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Default fitting the trim on an Amazon screen

I asked on facebook a few days ago for advice re fitting the front screen trim thank you to those who replied but I still got no where .
I did what we all do when nothing works read the manual, it said use 4mm leather cord soaked in soapy water.I did not hold out much hope as we had already tried cord.
Bought some 4mm leather cord soaked it well and off we go again.
So easy 20 mins trim fitted.If you look at the pictures in the manual you can see that you pull the cord a different way to when you fit the screen.The cord opens up the rubber to slot in the trim and when you pull the cord the correct way it locks the trim into position.
The secret is in the 4mm leather cord it performs very differnt to normal cord and is easily available on ebay for about 1.25 per metre.I bought 4 mtrs.Normal cord was used to fit the screen.
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