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Originally Posted by CalJJD View Post
Hi all,

I recently purchased my first 850 T5 saloon. I love being 22 and having something different from the usual Corsa or Fiesta which most young people seem to drive now a days!

My insurance is now up for renewal and my current insurer is ceasing business Therefore I'm searching round and getting quotations from various insurers/specialist companies. However, I'm struggling to find one willing to provide a policy with agreed value, due to the car being a daily driver and being used for commuting.
I'm desperate to try and get an agreed value on the car due to its low mileage and condition (only done 30k).
Due to my age I can't get the car on a classic policy, otherwise I would have gone down this route I've tried Adrian flux and Brentacre for an agreed value policy and both have responded negatively.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to who might be able to provide a decent quote with an agreed value? Or are there any other young T5 drivers out there who have had a similar experience or who have found suitable insurance?

Thanks in advance.

I think you'll struggle to get classic cover on a daily driver, Callum.
Performance Direct might be able to help you, as they do a similar job to Flux, for different forums. They used to cover my 635, but wasn't a daily drive.
Good luck anyway.
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