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Originally Posted by anotherv60 View Post
Volvo sold 5653 XC40s in the UK in the last month (September), which was over 60% of its total UK sales. XC40 September sales alone accounts for over 10% of Volvos annual sales in 2019 in the UK. In fact the XC40 is the 9th most popular car on sale in the UK. So why then is this part of the forum by comparison to other sections limited on posts? Could it be that the XC40 customers are mostly new to Volvo and are not aware of this forum? Or does nothing go wrong with the XC40??
I suspect that most people have been sitting indoors watching their car sitting on the drive, rather than actually being able to enjoy it. It does rather reduce the motivation to talk about your car - while it's not exactly a modders vehicle....
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