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Originally Posted by GaryBray View Post
Have just taken delivery of all required to replace the worn Stromberg and cracked manifold on this '64 B20 Amazon Combi ... and at the same time remove the LPG installation and refit a factory type fuel tank ...

Anyone a photo/s showing the throttle linkage set up for the Webcon PVO101 DGV kit?
All the instructions/adaptors to convert from Stromberg to Weber should be in the conversion kit, they always used to be. Aside from perhaps minor tuning of the idle it should be near enough plug'n'play.

You may have to fit different air correction or main jets though to prevent the top end fueling going lean as i see you also have an extractor manifold which will likely make the top end lean, would have done the same with the old carb and you would have had to change the needle.

Worth a session on a rolling road where they know about Weber progressive twin-choke carbs to get it set up just right too.


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