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Originally Posted by stuartvolvo View Post
Sounds great David. It looks like you had a pleasant experience. We need more of this on this page, with people describing what cars they have along with their adaptations and how they find the car in every day use.

I hope that you enjoy your new XC90.

Well, here goes then -

It begins with a V but ends with an Ď ní rather than an Ďoí, but that is only because the XC 40:, which I had waited a while for, proved in the end to be just too small for my particular needs.

I had an XC70 SeLux which would have taken a whole load of kit, but I was not disabled at the time , and followed this with an X90 SeLux then two XC60 R Designís each of which would have been ideal for a Hoist etc as they all had largish boots, but not one was required for disability equipment?

I followed these with a V60 SE, which was a great size for carrying all the kit I needed as I was by now disabled and had got a bunch of stuff with me whenever l travelled, but I hadnít realised how low the seating really was and how difficult it was to get in and out of, with a disability, so that went after 18 months.

I had looked at the XC40, and really hoped that it would be big enough for me, but alas it wasnít, hence the Tiguan SEL , which has an extending boot space ie the seat squabs adjust, and it also has individual reclining rear seats backs and a large square-ish boot to begin with anyway.

It is an excellent car for carrying equipment, full of goodies etc, well put together, but it is still not a Volvo , it is powerful, quiet, and economical with a 7 speed DSG auto box and steering wheel paddles , but sport Mode is not comparable to the superb sport mode on the XC60 R design - perhaps because I have a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine albeit pushing out 190 horses, compared to the 2.4 litre D5ís in my Volvoís?

The XC 40 is a very good car, and nice to drive, but a little disappointing in the boot area, where the disabled need room.

I carry a couple of walking sticks in the boot, as I have little balance these days, and a Trustcare Lets Go Out rollator which folds up, and sometimes a Pride Quest fold up mobility scooter, although I have hardly used it .

I donít have a hoist, as such, which allows more room ,but I do have a Hercules portable hoist, which I also occasionally take with me.

Hope this is the sort of info required?

Regards .
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