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Originally Posted by wilbydoughboy View Post
How would I know if I have oil pressure issues. With a newish car under warranty I wouldnt think there would be such issues but unless told how would one know as I cannot see any oil spewing out anywhere or any smoke puffing.
I do not know anything about oil pressure issues, in fact I have never seen them mentioned anywhere (perhaps you could expand on this?).

The issue is in the title of the thread, Rising Oil Levels which you will notice everytime you check the oil level - assuming that you do.

Even under warranty you need to check the oil level since if it is low or high and damage occurs then the ensuing damage could be attributed to you as the maintainer and then the warranty would be void. You fill up the windscreen washers between services, you check the tyres, the need to check the oil level is in the same league as these items
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