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Originally Posted by moomin View Post
hi marc!!

Youíre doing a sterling job here...

Shame we canít look them up online (like bmws); save us all from hassling you!!

Could you please check a vin for me??!

Vin: Yv1dz83a4e2545054

should be a blue xc60

thanks ever so much!!

49800 caspian blue
g10100 leather/offblack/novent

000142 rti-function
000298 quick fold passenger seat
000533 active damping comfort
000831 audio system"high perform

10/10/14 18,129
11/08/15 36,966
20/06/16 56,348
17/06/17 72,528

Main Dealer in Northampton 01604 621363 ask for Marc Tilling
Please PM me with a reg/chassis if you'd like to confirm a spec/engine type of a vehicle
or have any general sales type questions and I'll do my best to help
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