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My wife had her right leg amputated above the knee 3 and a half years ago, so we ended up having to sell her brand new Micra - it was a manual and there was no sensible option for a suitable modification.

She now drives an XC60 with a flip-down throttle, which she drives by using her left foot to both accelerate and brake in the same way I would my right - if I understand your signature correctly your C70 is an auto so might this be an option? This type of set-up allows the car to be driven by my wife in the way that she needs, yet it can also be driven as a standard vehicle by a driver such as myself who is more used to a right-foot throttle.

The XC60 was supplied by motability, along with the adaptation (no additional charge for that), however, I'm considering adapting my V90 so that she can drive it as and when necessary; here's a couple of links that I've previously found that you may find of use - removable left foot throttle and electronic steering wheel throttle. You may also be able to convert to a flip-down throttle if you don't need a removable option, however, I believe that you would need a top-mounted accelerator for this - sorry, not sure if the C70 has this or floor-mounted.

The ideal solution for us would be the guide-simplex steering wheel adaption (allows you to continue to use the foot brake as normal whilst accelerating with your hand, although they also do rings that will brake as well as accelerate), but this is an awful lot of money (if I recall correctly it's about 2-3K), whilst the left-foot throttle options come in at less than a grand - still a lot of money but an investment if it gives you the independence / satisfaction you need.

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