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And makes lots of noise, clogs a DPF if used on short runs, pumps out black soot and has a lot of harmful small particles coming out of the exhaust.

Thats a real I'm fine thanks and two fingers up to the next generation attitude

Back to the fire aspect a VW I converted many years ago. A year or so I had a phone call from the owner saying the camper had caught fire. A petrol hose had started leaking causing it to catch on fire while parked. The LPG tank survived intact and the fire brigade who attended were impressed at how safely the LPG side burned. The LPG tank was still intact while the rest of the van had disapeared. The reason for the call is they had now purchased a replacement and wanted that converting. Also while we were there adding a fire exitnguisher system aimed mainly at all the petrol components just in case the same kind of thing should ever happen again. The safest thing would be to remove all the petrol system and run LPG only but regulary checked and any suspect items replaced at the first sign of problems petrol can be a fairly safe fuel. Whatever fuel you use there is always a risk
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