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Originally Posted by CNGBiFuel View Post
Well there's a thing. I've just done the very opposite.

I found a factory Volvo BiFuel car with what might be 'the best solution' - it's factory system removed and a Zavoli LPG kit installed. It was pretty poor job that didn't work. I was going to put a 5th gen. system sourced from our very own 'classicswede', thus - if you like - its third system install.

I'm sure it would have been very good. Only, it came easier to put everything back to ex-factory standard.

That's not to say any other way is wrong, if it works that's the right way for you. In my case I could find no logical reason to stray from the factory fit Necam system, it works.
Good for You. At this point car made over 100 000 km with LPG instead of CNG, and I had to spend less than $100 to maintain it In Poland you have like: 10 CNG stations, some have operation hours like 8 am to 10 pm... How about LPG? More 6300 places to fill up you car. Basically every gas stations has a LPG.
1 liter CNG: $0.90
1 liter LPG: $0.50
Go figure, CNG is dead-end here in Poland.
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