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just hours after picking up my girlfriend's C30 D5, the dreaded "Engine System Service" warning 019 came on. I did worry a little!

thanks to those who have contributed on here, my research shows (a) there is a service reset sequence (but doesn't work for this error code), and (b) it is overfill of the oil causing the error.

a quick call to my local Volvo dealer and they confirmed that all recalls (washer pump & oil level) have been done, so I guess the criss-cross marks on the dipstick are the new levels to stick with.

they also confirmed the service schedule of the car, and that the last Volvo service was as stamped in the book, and it is only due a minor service (although 240 seems a bit steep for oil, oil filter, cabin filter change and s/w upgrade) - anybody any experience with whether it is worth sticking with Volvo main network, or a better value independent specialist?

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