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Originally Posted by poiuytre111 View Post
Hi - thought this was the best place to put my E46 headlight question. I have poor C70 halogen dipped beam due to degraded reflector surface. I have obtained 2x E46 fittings and 2x E46 copy fittings all with hid bulbs. Looks to me as if the original reflectors will fit straight in but the copies have different spacing for the torx screws.

Im a bit lost - you have set of OEM projectors from BMW with D2S and set of aftermarked ones also with D2S?
And in any case you want to keep halogen fitment as you currently have and not use HID at all, right?

If so, you may find it problematic as there is no direct way to fit H bulb in D2S socket. I have seen it done other way, but not D2S->H. Also I have feeling that OEM xenon projectors may dont work gwell with H bulbs because of allignment/lens distance etc so you may actually get worse output.
My aftermarket projectors had 2 choices of fitment - D2S or H7, and as far as I found out, the bowl and lens were identical in both cases. But I doubt the quality of those is close to OEM ones.
Did you obtain used projectors or bought them new? (aftermarket ones) ?
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