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Originally Posted by Paddler Ed View Post
With regards to loose handbrakes, I had a couple of early V50's (was going to get a run out V40 but couldn't get it so had a V50) and most of them went in to have the handbrake sorted; all of them would pull off with the handbrake on (oops) and as I was towing with some of them it wasn't particularily reassuring.
I don't mean to sound heartless, but I'm almost relieved others have had handbrake problems. My last v50 (05 year) had handbrake troubles. The garage (Parkside Orpington) were useless. I took it in three times and they persistently told me there was nothing wrong - that it was me. The handbrake was pulling up 12 notches on a slope and still not reliable! It was only fixed when I threatened to take it somewhere else.
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