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Originally Posted by Laird Scooby View Post
Totally different scenario in that to what we're talking about - the solenoid has been removed for testing and a permanent +12v feed has been croc-clipped onto the exciter wire. The earth leac is being touched on the other solenoid terminal - in this case the pull-in terminal or the main output terminal of the heavy current switching part of the solenoid - i.e. the feed to the motor.
Try this video then where @ 1min40 it clearly shows solenoid operation using the starter body as the ground.

Originally Posted by aardvarkash10 View Post
correct as far as it goes, but not complete.

The video shows the hold in winding only operating.
Hang on..... You've gone from definitively saying the solenoid is grounded through the brushes to conceding that this isn't necessarily the case.
You've also said that solenoids don't stick when they can but to be honest, I'm not here to debate.

We all maintain old cars with no assistance from professionals so whatever we're doing must be either correct or as near as..... Unless we're all fixing cars by blind luck.

Anyway, I'm out of the discussion.
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