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Default Driveshafts

Hello all. Hope everyone is good.

At the weekend I changed my drivers side drive shaft.

I did this as the CV boot was split which I found at the end of January after the MOT [which didn't pick it up] when I was putting the under tray back on.

I neglected to fix the split boot, so of course, dirt and water started to get into it and eventually it started whirring and making a horrible noise.

Upon turning the hub and trying to get that end of the drive shaft out of the wheel bearing, the drive shaft proceeded to split in half.

And the ball bearing type things fell out

My question is, can drive shafts split in half like this, or are they supposed to be solid and my drive shaft in fact was absolutely knackered?

2010 Volvo V50 1.6 D2 R-Design

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