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Default Electric Window Motor

S40 2011: R design.

The driver's side window motor is sounding a bit weird, namely not purring quite as smooth as the other 3. The window is also taking a bit longer to rise back up again.

I'm assuming its because it has had more use over the years.

I have also had some unusual wind noise coming from the drivers window, which may be something to do with the soft close mechanism (i read somewhere that can be an issue).

Or then again it could just be motor related.

Regardless, it looks like a new motor is called for.


1. Any ideas where to get a new Volvo OEM for a reasonable price, rather than the 200+ I've found already?

2. Is a volvo part necessary, or any non-OEM suitable (I gather 'Electric Life" a US company, make something.)

Any help appreciated..

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