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In a bit of a rush as I type this but here are some pics of the D2S projectors with LED bulbs, mind you they were aimed at the clouds but the light output was much improved - further tweaks are to be had but one of the ball and socket joints is slightly broken on the right headlamp (so pops off and aims high, need to glue this) and the left one's horizontal adjuster just snapped off like chocolate... :'(

WORD OF WARNING - if you have facelift headlamps >07', then you WILL have to cut the corners off the bottom base mounting plate with a Dremel and smooth back as much as possible, this will make fitting just better all round using just the two top screw which are adequate enough.
Before removing the old projectors you may need to create a sufficient gap to remove the hidden screw by clockwise turning the vertical adjuster otherwise you may damage the socket joint.

You can see some pics here and I should note - the light output pics were taken last night before I chopped the bottom base corners off (also pictured):
V50 D5 'Thor'
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