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I failed to get a close to wall cut off pattern but it's not bad -
The cut off shows the staggered slant of the shutter quite clearly, but what I have done is matched up the lower level of the left side to the higher level of the right side. I don't seem to have any artifacts either which after 2-3 days of fiddling is nice - I discovered that anti-clockwise on the black hex adjuster lowers the beam and clockwise raises it, not sure about the horizontal one as the side I want to adjust doesn't have an adjuster anymore!
It feels like playing Russian roulette in terms of snapping the adjusters but quite happy with the pattern and output as it is right now, can't see any further need do anything to be honest.

I've got 6 more images from last night on the same road.
Using the beam adjustment dial I go through Low, mid, and high aim on the low and high beam.

V50 D5 'Thor'

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