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Originally Posted by stevo83 View Post
Waves of torque, best sounding diesel on the road, blistering acceleration and all while returning decent mpg. Expect to be blown away...
lol, slightly exaggerrated, not biased are we!

I would say, as much torque as you would need, some turbo lag, a nice sounding diesel (not as nice as the BMW ones, sorry!) decent acceleration, better than most other standard diesel cars around (mapped 2.0 onwards VAG stuff will be as quick if not slightly quicker, but there is always a bigger fish and you can always map the D5 to match) but not T5 or any other turbo petrol hot hatch quick. and yes decent Mpg, should see around 40mpg!

oh and cheap/flimsy feeling and sounding exterior door handles on the rear doors!

you will be very pleased with the increase in every day drivablility and economy vs your petrol, but you might miss the higher rev range! If you cant have a T5, the D5 is the next best, possibly better if you are doing more miles!

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