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Originally Posted by andy_d View Post
Just a random here.

"Sticky" threads are as keith and foggy say A way to inform even more folk , with the + and - points both have put forwards.
The link to the Calendar in the top bars under the logo’s can get missed as the main focus of folk is the forums “below”

Sticky threads do allow those who browse to notice the event/events But cause the organiser duplicate work, and if one gets missed off the list, or no info is popped up (duplicate work and all that).

Similarly an announcement within the “events” main forum would cause extra work And get cluttered with all of the events if one per event was used.

Perhaps A single announcement , with the link direct to the calendar at the top of the Events forums though, may serve to point folk to there Before the threads in the forum / child forums.

Something along the lines of

“What’s on - This months Events Click <here>”

With <here> being the hyperlink to the calendar.

Folks can then still start the “I’m going to “x” on the “Y” who else ?” threads, and the After action reports can still appear as normal, with the larger events still being sticky as now. But we all get a “in our face” reminder to check the calendar for the events. It being a permanent forum announcement at the top of the events and child forums sections.

Personal view only here,
The Stickys work well , the normal threads work well, and the announcement about the BKV location change works very well (thanks on that score, means i can now get to a BKV, as its localish to me).
The only thing that’s missing is some way to direct those folk that browse the forums threads , below the main logo and links
Cracking idea I'll get onto it!
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