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Default Volvo V50 1.6D intermittent loss of power


I have a V50 (as title suggests!) with the following problem. Car starts fine but it judders a bit when driving, not continuously but a lot of the time. I also end up in situations where when I'm driving at arount 110km/h, the engine stops pulling alltogether and even with the accelerator floored it will slowly lose speed. This resolves itself after about 10-15 seconds without me doing anything, which to me suggests it is not going into limp mode (as I believe that would require me to switch off the ignition and re-start to recover from).

While not behaving EXACTLY like last time, the symptoms does remind me a bit about how the car was with a faulty throttle body a few years back. Could this explain the symptoms? Error codes ECM-9140 and ECM-9150 suggests the fault lies there and by checking details the 9140 error indeed gives me a picture of the throttle body. I have also attached the full list of error codes even though I know most are unrelated, but in case I've missed something else that could lead to this. The two permanent ones can be disregarded fully.

Last question, if it is likely to be the throttle body, can this be changed without reprogramming anything? (I would guess so since they can actually be bought as a 3rd party replacement, but I want to make sure before I attempt this on my own). Thanks in advance for any help.

Other info:

- MY2008
- Car has run 155000km, DPF was exchanged at 120000km
- EGR is closed off permanently
- Car had its annual dealership service a few weeks ago
- Fuel filter was last changed two years ago

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