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Default A bit of help required?!

Hi All, I have just joined today , so not sure if I'm posting in the correct place. Sorry if wrong.

I have been looking for a while to buy an s40. As it's to wrong time of year now I'll be getting 1 in a month or 2..

I've just seen 1 for sale very cheap. Volvo s40 2.0petrol on an 56plate. It's had loads done to it and the bodywork looks great. But the current owner has said that in recent weeks it's started running on 3 cylinders? He said that 1 of the valves has gone down!!??

The current owner just wants a quick sale, would this be a stupid buy?? Would it be very expensive to fix? Would it be a mojor job for a mechanic?? What would cause a valve or cylinder to go down?

Kindest regards
Dan Humphries.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.
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