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Originally Posted by rdevicente View Post
Hello there,

Just checking how everybody else is getting on with their waiting times

I placed an order the last week of February for an R-Design Pro, and I was told I should expect it by the last week of May, no later than early June.

Had a call with the dealer last week to check on the car, and they told me the new expected delivery date is... 20-NOVEMBER!

Has anyone else had similar issues and delays?
3 months waiting (from March until June) seemed acceptable, 9 moths seems a bit too much...
There is a huge demand for this car , volvo have twice as many orders as they anticipated one of the drawbacks in having multiple car of the year awards I guess .Much the same happened in 2003 when the XC90 was launched .
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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