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Originally Posted by volvorocks View Post
Thanks for that Clan. Informative. I thought it was the little stop/start battery! I will take the car for a long run tomorrow then to charge the main battery up fully.

Must admit that the car hasn't been used much in the last few months, standing for a couple of weeks to three weeks at a time, then a few short journeys, then standing again. Doesn't do batteries much good that I suppose.

indeed , the worst enemy of a battery is not being used . You may find the damage already done .
The battery will need a long charge on a charger first , use one which is capable of supplying at least 15 or 20 Amps . Overnight is not always enough . and when charging it is Important to put the charger earth to the CHASSIS ( or engine or gearbox ) of the car NOT the negative battery terminal , otherwise the car's battery monitor will not measure the fact that the battery is being charged and it will affect it's calculations . Try it see how it goes , and if it fails again get your dealer to do the onboard battery test proceedure whilst it is not working ..
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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