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Ok, so there is not much mention of rust in this section of 850 killers, and for good reason. They don't tend to rust. Apart from the dodgy Volvo factory process regarding the front wings. Which most 850's have succumbed to. Although these can be changed quite easily, so not a killer.

But hello a minute. Now these cars are over 20 years old there is a hidden killer. Lurking in most 850's and not visible until it's possibly too late. This problem is really only coming to light now, but I believe this may be the 850's only rust killer!!

So where is this hidden killer, waiting to destroy your pride and joy. Well, it is hiding behind the plastic inner rear wheel arch liners, on both sides of the car. In bad cases you will see rust coming through just behind the rear door lower down, around the bottom wheel arch lip. Where the clear plastic covering is protecting this small piece of paint work.

The real problem though is hiding behind the inner plastic mud liners. You will have to remove this liner which involves drilling out the rivets to the rear bumper, but it has to be done, and I don't mean on cars that are showing rust. I mean on every 850 out there.

The rust eats away at the area which is on the curve inside the wheel arch. Even if you see no rust on the outside of the car, most 850's are suffering silently, and when you finally tackle it, it can be horrendous. Unless you are a dab hand with a welder this will kill the car, as it will be an MOT fail because it is within 12 inches of the rear seat belt mounting.

I have welded two cars up now, but every one I have come across has had bad rust under this lining that I have had to grind back and treat so that it has a chance of survival. When it gets really bad the mounting for the rear seat back will fall through. I had this happen after tackling what I thought was a small hole. I ended up having to take out the rear seat, grind off the seat back mounting, weld up the what ended up as a massive hole and then having to reconstruct the seat mounting, which wasn't easy, as the position has to be spot on for the rear seat to fix and work properly
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