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Originally Posted by cheshired5 View Post
Like any program, Vida has specific system requirements.
The laptop you're selling has Vida 2014d.

Vida 2014d Requires Windows 7 Professional
3gb Ram
30gb free HDD

If you try to make it work on anything other than this, it won't work.
Load it on a brand new laptop with Windows 10? Won't work.
Load it on XP? Won't work.

Vida not working when you try to load it either on incompatible hardware or correct hardware running incompatible software is not the fault of Vida.

I'm a lorry driver so I'm surprised I'm having to say this to an IT engineer.
lol. yes, if you have the perfect spec laptop and vida likes it, you're onto a winner. That 30gb hard drive thing too... my laptop had a 120gb hard drive and refused to install as it said it needed 120gb spare to install. We dropped a spare 160gb drive it then with about 128gb usable after windows 7 install and the partition and she installed. Glitchy. Its a great product when it works though.

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